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Board of Director Requirements

1. Catholic Business League member in good standing.

2. Ability to devote necessary time to the Board’s activity.

  • Attend quarterly BOD meetings
  • Attend at least half (6) of the Prayer Breakfasts held to be present and accessible to the membership
  • Devote time to assigned committee meetings (about 6-8 per year)
  • Reasonable response times to email requests for votes and meeting attendance

3. The Spirit of a Director’s activities would include:

  • An active life of worship in God
  • Engaged participation in all CBL Board Meetings, Prayer Breakfasts, and other activities
  • Continued support and promotion of the CBL in all public and private circles
  • Alignment with all BOD decisions, policies, and initiatives

* All Directors must sign the adopted Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Statement.

* Any Director, who is deemed by a majority of the Board, not to be meeting these requirements may be removed by a majority vote of the Board.

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