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Jeff Sparks | Proofpoint | Cyber Security & Compliance for SLED Accounts in MS & TN

I call on SLED Accounts in TN and MS.  (State Local EDucation – Higher and Lower = SLED).  Proofpoint is a top 5 Cyber Security firm in the country.  Check out our stock.  Symbol =  PFPT.

If you are using or going to use Microsoft Office 365, you need to know the security posturing that needs to be addressed.

Our Sales team in middle TN consists of the following:

Commercial/Retail reps: Kevin Butler, Jennifer Greenleaf & Jay Bryant.

Healthcare:  Suzy Yost

If you need an introduction, please let me know.

We defend against Phishing, Spoofing and Social Media attacks that could damage your IT infrastructure and Assets.  Take a look at what we do and how we do it.




Contact Name: Jeff Sparks
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 615.927.7271