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LeapYear Lumpia LLC

What Kids Want to Know (Our Elevator Pitch)

What do you do?
We make and sell hand rolled lumpia, Filipino spring roll, for sale to restaurants, bars, stores, schools and anyone who plans or puts on parties. If people are having fun with family and friends while eating lumpia, then we hope they’ll buy more. We have no plans to open a restaurant, food truck or full service catering business. Call us about selling lumpia as a fundraiser.

Why do people decide to buy your product?
Most because they are hungry and haven’t had lumpia for a long time. Some people are looking for something that tastes different.

Why don’t they do it themselves?
Some people don’t like the smell of cooked vinegar, onions and garlic in their kitchen. Others don’t have the time to cook and roll lumpia. So, we save people time, smelly clothes and air fresheners.

In a world where decisions are made with less information and context, we want to give you a clear and memorable answer for everyone to understand.

Contact Name: Arnulf Agbunag
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 615.212.8887