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Room In The Inn

Room In The Inn’s Campus for Human Development is a religious non-profit organization, which was formed by the merger of three other organizations:  Room In The Inn, The Guest House and FOCUS.

Our mission: To provide programs that emphasize human development and recovery through education, self-help, and work centered in community and long-term support for those who call the streets of Nashville home.

Our Core Values:  Through the power of spirituality and the practice of love, Room In The Inn’s Campus for Human Development provides hospitality with a respect that offers hope in a community of non-violence.

Congregational Support provides support to local faith communities in a variety of ways.  Consultation is available for congregations that wish to participate in the Room In The Inn emergency winter shelter program, as well as logistical support for congregations already operating the program.  Gathered to Serve, a training series for volunteers, provides learning opportunities about homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and hospitality.  In addition, Room In The Inn partners with youth groups in developing volunteer and educational activities for students.

 Educational Program annually offers classes in literacy, HiSET high school equivalency preparation, basic computer skills, spirituality and creative expression totaling over 2,800 classes. In 2013, approximately 40,000 instructional hours of classes were offered by staff, and volunteers and more than 4,000 individuals participated.

Guest House provides a safe alternative to jail, in partnership with the Metro Police Department, for the publically intoxicated.  The Guest House underwent a complete renovation and still offered more than 31,000 beds to individuals struggling with addiction.

 Our Recovering Community Program overarches the programs of Room In The Inn’s Campus to help chronically homeless individuals through a progression of basic steps that establish a stable and productive life including healing, education, life skills, recovery, job readiness, and housing.  In the past, over 170 participants began their journey with the Odyssey program.  Many of them have reconnected with family, obtained employment, maintained sobriety, and moved into permanent housing.

 Respite Care provides medically fragile homeless individuals a safe place to recover from illness or recent hospitalization. Shelter, meals, and medications are provided. In partnership with several local agencies, medical care is offered.  While a participant recuperates, staff members complete needs assessments to link the individual to mainstream services.   2013 saw over 424 individuals recuperate in the respite care program.

 Room In The Inn, in partnership with close to 180 local congregations, provided shelter for 1,102 guests from November 1 – March 31, 2013.  In 2013, with the help of approximately 6,000 volunteers, over 137,000 hours of service were provided, and approximately 200,000 miles driven.  The program provided more than 29,000 beds, approximately 22,000 showers, and more than 87,000 dinners, snacks and lunches to their homeless guests.

 Support Services provides homeless individuals access to showers, meals, clothing, work identification, bus passes, case management, referrals to other programs, and mailboxes. In the last year, we helped over 600 people obtain identification, provided over 7,820 bus passes, 23,220 meals, and approximately 10,000 showers.  Additionally, more than 900 prescriptions were filled, over 900 participants were served through our foot clinic, and 344 individuals were served through our legal clinic.  With the support of our workforce development team, 239 participants found employment.  Currently over 1,000 individuals receive mail at Room In The Inn’s Campus.

 Veteran’s Program, in partnership with the U.S. Department for Veteran’s Affairs, provides 32 beds to serve those who have served us all by defending our country.  This program is an objective based program that focuses on employment, sobriety, and permanent housing.  Last year, 36 participants moved to permanent housing. The program also offers a drop-in center each week for veterans not housed with us to receive information purposes, guidance, and assistance.

Permanent Supportive Housing was added in 2010 with 38 efficiency apartments and ongoing case management for residents.  For the first time, Room In The Inn can offer on-site an uninterrupted path from the streets to permanent supportive housing, thus directly connecting emergency services with long-term solutions.